What to do if you are added to the blacklist

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It just so happened that in our time we actively use not only social networks and instant messengers, but also their functions. Services are constantly introducing new features so that users can both diversify communication and protect themselves. Often you see a picture of how the interlocutor deletes his own messages. Sometimes we are sent to the black list – often for reasons unknown until now. Virtual communication has its own specifics: if in real life you can avoid a person or not talk to him, then in social networks your account is always in sight or gets into recommendations. For this reason, many users block others – then all that remains is to wait for the weather by the sea. Why is this happening and what to do about it?


  • 1What is a blacklist
  • 2How to understand that you have been added to the blacklist
    • 2.1Blacklist in the phone
    • 2.2Blacklist in Watsap
    • 2.3Telegram blacklist
    • 2.4How to understand that you have been blocked on Instagram
  • 3How to write to a person if he blocked you

What is a blacklist

If you do not want to communicate with a person or you are bothered by an anonymous contact on social networks, looking at your stories or photos , you can always block him by adding to the black list. Behind the “ban” is unwillingness to communicate, anger and resentment towards a person. For often, boors and trolls are sent to the black list, who joke in the comments, are rude or are simply trying to find problems on their heads. Sometimes the readers of our Telegram chat do not behave quite correctly, which is why we also block them. Alas.

In addition, girls often block obsessive young people on social networks who want not only to get to know each other , and guys block toxic friends and girlfriends who do not go into their pockets for words. Everything is understandable: there is no interest in a person, but there is a desire to protect yourself and your personal space from bad behavior.

How to understand that you have been added to the blacklist


This is how the blacklist of VKontakte is displayed

There are several types of blacklists in smartphones and apps. What are they?

  • Blacklist on the phone : the subscriber’s number is blocked, as a result of which he cannot call or send a text message.
  • Blacklist in messengers : you will not be able to call or write a message to the user in WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Blacklist in social networks : on VKontakte or Instagram, it will not be possible to view the user’s page or contact him.

Let’s take a closer look at how to understand that you have been blocked.

Blacklist in the phone

In this section, you can add intrusive calls from “banks” and other scammers, as well as numbers of people with whom you would not want to communicate . If you call a subscriber, you will hear a dial tone, after which the call will be interrupted. If you do this several times and everything happens again, congratulations – you have been blocked. On some devices, you can hear that the subscriber is not available – this also says something. The user who blocked you will not even suspect that you tried to call him.

Blacklist in Watsap

If you have been blocked in WhatsApp, then you will not see the avatar of the interlocutor, as well as the time of the visit. In addition, your messages will be sent, but will not reach him. Sent messages will always show one check mark.

Much like the blacklist on WhatsApp . The main difference is that you will see the inscription “Was (a) long time ago” . The photo will not be displayed and the messages will be with one check mark.

How to understand that you have been blocked on Instagram

If you cannot find a person’s profile , but he is, try to find it through the browser, logging out of your account, or from another account. Found a page – it means you are blacklisted. In addition, messages in the direct will not disappear, but new ones will not reach the addressee.

How to write to a person if he blocked you

As a rule, if you have been blocked in one of the social networks, you can “knock” on the messenger. Again, if you understand that you were treated unfairly, then this is the best way – practice shows that they usually block in one application, but not in all at once, leaving a certain loophole. Often this happens in the moment, on emotions.

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