Top 5 App For Photo Editing For Android In 2022

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I will share what, in my point of view,

are the 6 best free tools for photographers

that help me either with my editing process or with my workflow and productivity.

There are a bunch of very good free tools for photographers out there

but today I will talk about the ones I most like and I most use nowadays.

The first tool on my list is an app and it is not an app I use on a daily basis – and

I will tell you why I do not use it that often in a minute – but it is also one of the most

interesting ones I came across lately.

I was amazed by it and I think it could be interesting to many of you!

This app allows you to recover blurry or very pixelated photos. It does an amazing

job in sharpening and recovering images in a way I consider almost unbelievable.

Before I go on and show you a practical example of the miracle this app can do, I will explain why I

do not use it often: I don’t use it often simply because I’m careful when taking my photos. So if

I have a portrait session where I need to deliver 10 images, I will make sure to have at least 100

good photos in camera. For that reason, I don’t need this app much,

but I’ve tested this out with some photos and I’m absolutely stunned by the results.

Check this out!

Now, please beware that when you use this app, you might end up looking a

little different than you really are. The reason for that is: in order for it to fix the image,

the app pretty much reconstructs it using a huge image database to combine each part of

the photo in a way that it will look as much as the original as possible.

But still, since it is using a database from the internet, it is using someone else’s nose,

someone else’s eyes, it is substituting compromised parts of the photo for

high-quality ones that are most similar to them that can be found in that database.

That is how it reconstructs your image.

It is usually perfect but sometimes it’s not absolutely the same.

Other people might not notice the difference, but in many cases,

you will, especially if you use more recent and very blurry photos of yourself or of people you know well.

Still, I find it pretty amazing. What do you think?

The second app I want to talk about is one that I use pretty often to give a special

touch to some of my photos, mainly to the ones I post on my social media since I do not have

the paid version of this and therefore I cannot save them in raw or in HD JPEG.

But as you will see, even on its free version,

this is a pretty amazing app that I consider worth having on my phone.

It’s the LD app. This app will allow you to add flares, snow, rain, lights,

fog and other different types of overlays to your photo.

It is an awesome tool to make some of your photos stand out.

The free version will not give you access to all of the different overlays there are, but still,

it will give you enough to add up some amazing effects to your photos.


The third app I consider being an awesome free tool for photographers is called Mojo.

I use this app for most of my Instagram stories.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of them for sure, because

every week when I release new videos, I post a story with a layout done in Mojo.

I also use it when I have special offers or any other news related to

my work. It makes my stories look more professional and I absolutely love it.

By the way, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, please do it now. 😀

If you use the free version of it, you won’t have access to all of the layouts

available on the app and you will have the “mojo” logo at the bottom of your layout.

I chose to buy this one because I use it a lot and

to me, it was totally worth it, but you can do a lot with the free version also.

The fourth app I’m talking about today is not a tool exclusive for photographers. Actually,

it can be used by anyone interested in organizing

daily tasks for their businesses or life. It’s the Microsoft To Do.

Maybe you’ve already heard about this app before and the name itself says what it is all about.

It will allow you to make to-do lists. And you can add time,

date, reminders, details and photos to each one of the tasks

you create and it is one of the apps I use the most to organize my routine.

In my case, I have two permanent lists that I feed constantly. One of them is a weekly list

with all of the small things I need to do each day of the week – and I usually organize this

once or twice a week, depending on the number of tasks and on how I’m able to achieve them

all or not – and I also have a list with my upcoming YouTube videos, so I know

what’s coming next and what I need to record in order to be able to release those videos in time.

Then, of course, I have other personal different lists I use for different things.

It is a lifesaver. I absolutely love it!

Another good thing about this app is I have it both on my computer and

on my phone and once I update the list in one of them, it automatically updates the other one.

It’s amazing!

The fifth amazing free tool every photographer should know

is Pixabay website. It is nothing more than a stock images website. The only

difference from most of the other ones is that the images are free.

I use it a lot when I need to find specific images to do overlays in Photoshop to some of my photos.

It does not have nearly as many options as you will find in a paid stock image website,

but it is still very good and might be enough for you just as it has been enough for me so far.

The next free tool I use quite some and that, if you do not know yet, you should, is Canva.

Canva is a website and app where you can design pretty much anything very quickly and easily.

They have awesome templates for pretty much anything you could think of: Instagram

stories and feed posts, Facebook banners, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters,

websites, really…! Pretty much anything! It’s very intuitive and easy to use and

they also have a mobile version for it, in case you prefer to work on your phone.

The free version will not give you full possibilities but

trust me, it will give you enough! You can do so much with the free version! All of the templates

I have for my portrait sessions, portrait photo tours and wedding packages have been done with

the free version of Canva and I totally recommend it. It is amazing not only for photographers and

videographers, but for pretty much anybody who needs some design for their business.

Gotta try it!

Now I will talk about a bonus tool you should consider but, before I do that,

I would like to ask you that, if this video helped you somehow, that you will please consider

subscribing to my channel and hitting the like button. Super easy and fast action

that will represent a huge help from you to me, in return. Totally appreciate it!

The last free tool you might want to consider as a photographer

is the free mobile version of Photoshop, called Photoshop Express.

I use both Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photos, I have the paid

version of both of them, but if you do not want to invest in that straight away,

then you might want to try this free version of Photoshop and get a feel of it.

I wouldn’t recommend any other editing tool for colour, light and specific adjustments.

So? How many of these apps did you already know and how many of them are new to you?

If you try some of them out or if you already knew them,

please let me know how you like them and if there are other apps you love

to use for photography. I would love to catch up with some new stuff also!

That is all for today, guys! Take care!

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