Top 20 Video Software For MacBook In 2022

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– What’s the best video editing softwarefor Mac right now in 2021?

Well, he’s our roundup of the latest options with our picks for┬áthe best video editors in every category,from best free software to paid and professional optionswith everything you need to know to decidewhich one is the best one for you.Hey, it’s Justin Brown here from Primal Video,where we help you grow an audience and scale your revenuei withnline video.

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Let’s jump into it.

Video editing software is something

that updates and changes so fast,

so much so that we create a video like this

every six to 12 months, each time we spend a ton of time

going back to the drawing board

and trying and testing a ton of the options out there,

and eventually we narrow that list down

to our top recommendations for video editing software

across every budget.

Now since our last video,

there’s actually been some pretty big changes

when it comes to editing software on Mac.

Some of our previous recommendations have fallen behind

and there’ve been some new ones that have entered the space

that are now some of our top recommendations for you,

and just like last time, I’m gonna break this overview down

into multiple pricing categories,

including free, paid, and more professional software

so that you can see what’s available at each level.

You can hear our recommendations and if you’re starting out

in one of the lower brackets,

then you’ll know exactly what you’ll be unlocking

if you jump into a higher bracket.

And while you’re watching,

make sure to drop a comment down below

and let me know what video editing software

you’re using right now,

and also what your number one pick is

for best video editing software on Mac in 2021,

and once we’re done with my recommendations

for every pricing bracket,

I’m gonna share with you three video editing tips

that will help you level up and edit faster

in any video editing software.

All right, so these are the pricing categories

we’re gonna break this down into.

We’re gonna start off first with free software.

That one’s pretty self-explanatory,

that’s all the free stuff.

From there, we’re gonna move into the sub-$200 category,

so that is every piece of video editing software

under that $200 price point, and inside of this,

we’re also going to include free software as well,

so you can see that if you were prepared

to spend up to $200, what your options are, including free,

and how they stack up, and the third category

is where we bring in the $200-plus video editing software,

so all video editing software that is going to be available

above $200 but we’re also going to include,

in this category, everything beneath that as well,

so that you know, again, if you’re prepared

to spend $200-plus on your video editing software,

what your options are and which the best ones will be

for you at any pricing category.

Now one really important thing I want to mention

is that my approach to video editing software

is that there is no perfect solution out there.

Each video editing app or program is literally just a tool

to get the job done, a tool to edit video down.

So your goal, when you’re going through this,

and my goal to help you, is to work out

which one is going to be the best fit for you,

so don’t just jump out and use the one

that you see someone else using.

Which one is going to suit you best based on the types

of videos that you’re going to be creating,

based on your skillset and based on how much time

you want to spend learning and figuring it out,

or also how many advanced features and things

you actually need access to, so it’s all designed

to find the best one for you.

Okay, so kicking this off with the free category,

in here, we’ve got software like iMovie, Shotcut,

HitFilm Express, DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks,

Avid Media Composer First, and VN Video Editor.

So all of these are obviously free,

but all of these also will allow you to make a video

without there being some sort of branding

or watermark on it.

Now typically what you’ll find with free software

is that a lot of them can be very basic

and not have many features or controls in there,

and others of them are really just stripped down versions

of the more professional paid options that they offer.

Now I say typically because that’s not always the case

and there are some standout options in this category

that give you access to really advanced,

professional grade software for free.

Now from trying and testing all of those options,

my shortlist in this category comes down to iMovie,

VN Video Editor, and DaVinci Resolve.

So iMovie would have to be one of the most popular options

when it comes to free video editing software on Mac,

or even one of the first things that people think of

when they think of editing on a Mac.

The overall interface is easy-to-use, it’s fairly intuitive,

for someone who’s an absolute beginner

that’s never edited before, you’ll be able to jump in

and get up to speed editing relatively quickly

inside of iMovie.

In terms of more advanced features and controls,

that’s really where iMovie falls down,

but that’s also because it’s really the cut down version

of the more professional software, Final Cut,

which shares a very similar interface.

So one of the big advantages with iMovie

is if you learn and master iMovie

and then you get to the point where you’re outgrowing it,

you have a clear upgrade path through to Final Cut,

where it’s not gonna be something

that’s totally foreign to you.

You’ll be able to pick it up much quicker knowing iMovie

than if you just jump straight into Final Cut.

The next option in our shortlist is VN Video Editor.

Now this is a new kid on the block

when it comes to video editing software on a Mac.

Previously, this was only available as an app

for iOS and Android.

I think what they’ve done by bringing this over to Mac,

and hopefully, PC soon in the future as well,

but it’s just amazing.

This is something that totally blew me away

when I first opened it.

I didn’t have high expectations, I thought it would be okay,

but it’s actually really amazing.

I liked that they’ve bought from the app,

the whole interface and everything over

to work well on the Mac.

Now that might seem like a really small thing,

but generally you’re going to be editing

with a different approach on a smaller device

or even on an iPad versus on the desktop,

and this works so well on the desktop,

much better than I thought that it would.

Now while I said that iMovie had an intuitive,

fairly easy-to-use interface, and it would be easy

to jump in and figure stuff out, this is next level on that.

The interface here is amazing.

Everything is so well laid out.

Again, if you’ve never edited anything before,

right through to if you are someone at that advanced side,

you’ll still be able to jump in and find everything you need

really at your fingertips without needing to dive into menus

and things to find everything.

It’s also got a lot more advanced features built in as well.

I think the way that they’ve handled the color grading

or the color correction area is really, really powerful.

Not only do you have access to a ton of filters built in,

to find the one that you would like,

but you can also dive in and manually control

and adjust all the different elements

that build up that filter or that look for your videos

to really dial in the look and feel that you’re after,

but probably the most important one

is how fast it is to edit.

The performance that you’re getting out of this app

is just phenomenal, so I’m not sure if this is something

that’s gonna remain free forever, but it’s ridiculous

that it’s free right now, and as for DaVinci Resolve then,

this one is hands down the most professional,

most advanced video editing software out there for free.

This is literally professional software that people use

to make Hollywood movies and those sorts of things literally

that you get access to for nothing.

Now in terms of usability and the interface,

this one here is definitely more complex

and more complicated than the two previous options

I’ve mentioned, but it’s also aimed and targeted

at people more at that intermediate to advanced level

with all the features and everything that’s packed into it,

so when you jump into this one for the first time,

it definitely could be a little overwhelming,

and if you are a beginner looking to use DaVinci Resolve,

then make sure you’re checking out

our DaVinci Resolve for Beginners tutorial,

which I will link up in the cards.

Now one thing to note with DaVinci Resolve

is that this really isn’t designed

to work on older, low spec computers.

You will need to have a more modern, more powerful computer

to be able to use this well, but again,

it’s just ridiculous that they’re giving you access

to these pro-level tools for free.

So rounding this out, if you’re an absolute beginner,

iMovie could be a good option for you,

but I really think if you’re looking at iMovie,

you’re probably gonna be able to jump into VN Video Editor,

much easier, much faster with a better interface

and far more features and control than you have in iMovie,

so my recommendation would be if you’re a beginner

through to that intermediate level,

VN Video Editor would be my number one pick

for you right now, or even if you are someone more advanced

just looking to edit stuff down quick but still have access

to a lot of those tools and features and things,

then you really can’t go wrong with VN Video Editor,

or if you are someone that’s at that intermediate

to advanced level and someone who is looking

for professional grade video editing software,

then you really can’t go past DaVinci Resolve.

Now if you are someone that is at that beginner stage

but you’re someone that wants to have access

to all the bells and whistles,

all the features and advanced controls,

then you can definitely still get into Resolve,

but just know that there will be a learning curve for you

to get up to speed editing fast in there.

Now if I had to pick just one winner from this category,

it’s gonna have to go to DaVinci Resolve.

You’re gonna get sick of me saying this,

but it’s just ridiculous what you get access to

inside of there for free.

I mean, literally, this software is up there

with the big boys and rivals a lot of the top options.

Okay, now moving onto the next category,

which is the sub-$200 category,

so all video editing software under that $200 price point,

and as I said, we’re gonna include the free options

in here as well, so that you know

that you’ve got the best option

if you’re spending up to $200.

Now typically what you’ll find

with paid software versus free software

is that you’re generally getting more performance.

You’re generally getting more tools and features

and control over the editing process.

You’re generally getting more professional package

once you’re paying for it, and again,
I have to say generally because there’s standout options

like VN Video Editor and DaVinci Resolve

that really pack a punch in the free category.

So in this sub-$200 category,

we’re looking at software like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Rush,

Movavi Plus, WeVideo, ScreenFlow, Adobe Premiere Elements,

FilmoraPro, Lightworks Pro.

Now from trying and testing all of those,

my shortlist in this category, again including free options,

comes down to WeVideo, VN Video Editor,

Filmora, and DaVinci Resolve.

WeVideo is a powerful

and really easy-to-use online cloud-based video editor,

so there’s nothing to download and install on your computer.

It literally just runs in your web browser,

meaning that you’ve got access to the power

of this application even on lower spec computers

like Chromebooks as well.

The interface is really intuitive

and is easy to navigate around and to get up to speed

editing in there and really the power and the performance

in this was something that blew me away,

especially as this is software that’s run in the cloud.

The performance that you get even working

with 4K video files is better

than a lot of the other software options out there.

Now because it is cloud-based editing software,

it also means that it’s easy

to jump between different systems.

So you could log in on your laptop and do some editing

while you’re out, and then log back in on your desktop

when you’re home to finish off your video,

but the fact that it’s in the cloud also means

that it’s really powerful for working with teams

or people that are remote.

You can literally both be working on the same project

without the need to transfer all the files

to each individual computer,

and even if your internet speed isn’t great,

you can still be editing your video files down

while they’re uploading to WeVideo in the background,

so you’re able to start working on your projects immediately

while the uploads are happening as well.

Now in terms of pricing, there’s a few different options

starting at 4.99 per month,

but if you’re gonna be using this as your editing platform,

then likely you’re gonna be looking at the Unlimited plan

for $7.99 per month,

or if you also want to unlock all of the stock footage

and stock music and stuff to use in your videos as well,

then that’s where the Professional plan

at 17.99 per month could be the one for you.

Filmora is another great all-rounder

when it comes to video editing software.

It’s got that great mix of having an intuitive interface

but also having a lot more

of the professional video features in there as well.

This one works on both Mac and Windows,

so if you’re transferring between computers,

then that’s not gonna be a problem.

Now Filmora is one that not that long ago,

I never thought I’d be recommending.

It’s come a really long way from where it started

and is now a solid option

when it comes to video editing software.

Once again, it’s got a really intuitive,

easy-to-use interface, probably not to the level

of VN Video Editor, but still for an absolute beginner

jumping in here, you’re gonna figure it out pretty quick,

but what I like about Filmora is it’s a good mix

of being simple and easy-to-use

but also having a lot of those more advanced features

and things that you would use in your videos as well,

and it also mimics the kind of look and feel and usability

of more professional video editing software,

so when you outgrow this, it’s not so much of a transition

from this to more professional software.

It’s not gonna feel completely foreign to you.

Another thing that stood out for me with Filmora

was how fast it saves and exports your videos.

It’s really tapped into that Apple hardware

and it really does an amazing job

of saving your videos out fast.

Now in regards to pricing, there is a free version

of Filmora and that is not what I’m talking about.

The free version does have a watermark,

so what we’re talking about is the paid version

which you can buy lifetime access to this software

for 69.99 currently, or your other option

is to jump on an annual subscription for 39.99,

and that will give you continued updates

as they grow the software.

So I do like that you have the option to buy this outright,

so it’s not just another monthly subscription

that you’ve got ticking over.

So with the shortlist in this category being WeVideo,

VN Video Editor, Filmora, and DaVinci Resolve,

what are my recommendations?

WeVideo is gonna be great if you’re someone

who is working on a lower spec computer, an older computer,

or they’re looking to be able to work and edit in the cloud

and jump between different computers

or even easily work with team that are remote.

Filmora’s gonna be great for someone, again,

at that beginner level through to intermediate,

someone who is looking for that traditional look and feel

for video editing software to be able to move

to different programs later, if you need to,

but also someone doesn’t want to get caught up

or bogged down or overwhelmed

with all the professional tools and features

in other programs like DaVinci Resolve.

VN Video Editor I’d say is probably the standout all-rounder

in this category and I really think it is the best mix

of absolute beginner through to intermediate, and again,

something that a more advanced person could jump in here

and still have access to a lot of the things

that they would want for simple video edits,

whereas someone looking for the most advanced controls

and most advanced professional features,

it’s gonna go hands down to DaVinci Resolve.

So this really is a perfect example

of depending on your use case and your needs

and requirements, that some of these free options

are definitely outweighing a lot of the paid options

that are out there.

So from this category, if I had to pick one clear winner,

it’s gonna be a tough one, but I would say

it’s gonna go again to DaVinci Resolve.

Again, it’s amazing what you get access to,

full professional grade software for free.

So that brings us to the next category, $200-plus,

so really in this category, what we’re looking at

is all video editing software.

If you’re prepared to spend $200 or more

on your video editing software, what are your options?

So this is also gonna include the under $200 price point

as well and free options, just so you know

how they all stack up.

Now again, typically, in this category of $200-plus

for video editing software,

this is really where you’re looking

at the more professional options,

stuff that is used a lot in broadcast studios,

stuff that is going to have all the features,

all the controls that you would want,

and also generally having the ability

to unlock the full potential of your computer

when it comes to video editing as well.

So in this category, you’ve got options

like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro,

DaVinci Resolve Studio, the paid version of DaVinci Resolve,

Final Cut Pro, Camtasia, and HitFilm Pro.

So again from trying and testing all of those,

my top picks, my shortlist in this category go to WeVideo,

VN Video Editor, Final Cut Pro,

Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve,

so it’s a bigger shortlist in this category,

and that’s ’cause we’re really opening this up,

so really these five are my top picks

for best video editing software on Mac right now.

So let’s see how they compare.

Final Cut Pro is really the big brother

or the professional version of iMovie.

This is another program that back when I was editing

on Avid, I really thought that Final Cut

was more of an iMovie plus or more of a toy

than a professional option for video editing,

and it did take me a while to actually commit to jumping in

and giving it a go and to figuring out how it works,

and really to appreciate how you approach video editing

in there.

It is definitely a top contender in this category

and is now one of my favorite programs to edit videos in.

I really can’t say enough about how well Apple

has integrated the software side, Final Cut,

with the hardware in their systems

to make editing an absolute breeze

or an absolute dream to edit in.

Just scrubbing through

and editing really complicated timelines

is like slicing through butter.

It is amazingly smooth, amazingly fast,

and the render times are ridiculously quick,

so well-played, Apple, I’m now a big fan.

Now in regards to pricing,

Final Cut is a one-time purchase for $299,

so there’s no ongoing subscriptions

and they continue to give you updates.

I literally bought this years ago

and I’m still getting updates today, so it’s just phenomenal

that you can just pay once and you’re don

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