Top 10 Game That Was Launched In 2021 November.

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– [Falcon] November is coming up fast,and a lot of new games are landing.

new games that deserve your attention in November, 2021.

Starting off with number 10,

it’s “Jurassic World Evolution 2.”

Now, this is somewhere along the linesof Jurassic World Theme Park.It’s a business simulation where you essentially make a theme park with dinosaurs.Now, this worked out really well in the first “Jurassic World Evolution,”kind of a dinosaur-themed “Zoo Tycoon”or “RollerCoaster Tycoon,”somewhere between the two things.But it’s a really well-liked game,and did really well for the developers.I’m excited to see exactly what they add for the second.The previous game was set on an island,where this one is now set on the mainland United States.

So that provides for a lot more terrain and biomes,and one thing I’ve heard mentioned is that the mapsfor this one are significantly, I mean,a lot larger than the first game.I don’t have measurements exactly,but between the more visible improvementsthat they’ve been talking about,the return of Jeff Goldblum, Bryce Dallas Howard,it really looks like it’s shaping upto be a fun entry to this franchise,and hopefully it’s a long-running one that continues to improve over time.

Jurassic Park Evolution 2” is landing on Windows,the PlayStations, and the Xboxes November 9th.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One,”

At number nine is “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One,”which is a really interesting open world investigation game That explores an era of Sherlock’s existence .that really no other story has in any depth explored.This is an adolescent Sherlock Holmes,who is just becoming an adult.He has a different best friend, still named John,but not John Watson,and there is a certain degree of vulnerabilitythat they’re specifically advertising this Sherlock to have.

You’re sort of constructing the Sherlock that everyone knows during the course of this story,
and that sounds very interesting to me.
We don’t really get Sherlock Holmes origin stories ever,
and when we do, he’s usually of the age
he usually has a lot of mysteries under his belt.
He’s usually experienced,
usually knows what he’s doing.

Here, we’re supposedly going to get
a somewhat unearned arrogance,
as you use the deductive reasoning and piece together clues
in order to solve mysteries.
I think this sounds like a very interesting
and intriguing concept, and Frogwares
has pulled off this type of game plenty of times,
so I trust it.

“Sherlock Holmes Chapter One” is coming to Windows,

the PlayStations, and the Xboxes on November 16.
At number eight is “The Last Stand: Aftermath,”
which takes on an interesting perspective

of a zombie apocalypse game.
You have been infected,
and you ultimately will fall to the infection.
That is the point of the game.
When you take on a character,
that’s gonna happen to them, period.

The reason is there is a city behind a wall
of humans who have survived the zombie apocalypse,
and if anybody gets infected,
it’s agreed that that person has toleave.
Your characters are infected. They have to leave.

They go out into the wilderness,
they survive, and take on tons of zombies
in this rogue life.
Now, I think this is a great idea for a scenario
in which you can kind of go out, find hope for people.
You can kind of be a use in your last period of time.

It’s clever because you die,
you just start up as another survivor,
and the game pretty much explains itself without having to.
I liked this.
I played the demo, which is by the way available
if you want to play it now,
and it is an enjoyable game.

It’s not the prettiest thing you’re ever going to see,
but it is a visually pleasing adventure game,
and the top-down combat works really well in my opinion.
I enjoy it a lot.
That is coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and PC
on November 16th.

At number seven is “Call of Duty: Vanguard,”

which is billing itself as the best World War II game.

Now, that is a pretty tough order to fill,
so I think they know they have an ace in the hole,
or they’re really good at marketing,
one of the two, I don’t know,
but I have to say I like the sound of the campaign.

You’ve got modern warfare style mechanics,
you got blind firing from behind cover,
you got destructible environments,
and you basically play through the establishment
of the special forces to deal with the immediate fallout
of World War II.
There’s also of course zombies, there’s multiplayer.
We all know we get in a full-ass “Call of Duty” game,
and honestly, this could really be a good version of it.
I’m looking forward to this,
and I’m not typically looking forward to a ton
of “Call of Duty” game.
Every few titles of them, I’m more interested,
and this is one that I’ve had my eye on a little bit.
I think that it’s gonna be good.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

“Call of Duty: Vanguard” is hitting the PlayStations,
the Xboxes, and Microsoft Windows on November 5th.
At number six is “Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker,”
an expansion to “Final Fantasy XIV”
that continues the story and directly confronts
the Garlean Empire.

For the most part,
it’s not said that there’s gonna be a lot of changes
to the base game’s systems.
Like you’re gonna get quests the same way,
you’re gonna have the same battles,
and that’s not bad, ’cause “Final Fantasy XIV” is great.
It’s a game that has a very checkered history
that resulted in really a superior product,
and although this got delayed a year
thanks to the pandemic,

Final Fantasy XIV

I think that ultimately continuing on
with the “Final Fantasy XIV” narrative is a great idea,
because frankly, it’s a great and fun world to exist in.
“Endwalker” is landing on the PlayStations
and Microsoft Windows on November 23rd.
At number five is “Shin Megami Tensei V,”
the overarching series that the “Persona” games
are a sub-series of.


The setup you will probably find familiar
if you have played any of these games before,
whether “Persona” or the main line series.
The player is a high school student
who’s investigating demons with some friends.

This version of it transports you
from modern day regular Tokyo to an alternate universe,
post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and the event ends up bringing
these demons through to your Tokyo,
and the whole story ensues.

Obviously, Atlas really knows what they’re doing with RPGs,
and this and “Persona” have always been great series.
I have no doubt this’ll be a fantastic RPG.

It’s for the Nintendo Switch,
and it’s landing on November 12th.

At number four is “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

and Shining Pearl,” which is a mouthful,
but it makes sense because it is a remake
of “Diamond and Pearl.”

So they added adjectives, you know,
let you know that it’s way better,
brilliant and shining, so to speak.
The art style of this game drew some controversy,
but I don’t know that it’s something
that I would consider to be a detriment in any real way.

I mean, it’s obviously a new “Pokemon” game
based on old “Pokemon” games,
so to some extent you have an idea
what to expect narratively,
as well as with the last few “Pokemon” games,
the mechanics that have been refined
and brought into a 3D space.
It’s pretty, I think, easy to understand
what you’re going to get from this,
so if the art style turns you off,

I could kind of understand,
but I have a feeling it’s still going to be
a great version of these games anyway.

Obviously being a “Pokemon” game,
these are a Nintendo Switch exclusive,
and “Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl”
are landing on November 19.

Battlefield 2042

At number three is “Battlefield 2042,”
a game that in its beta did cause some controversy
by being not particularly stable.
DICE has made claims as to having fixed the issues
that were brought up during then.

This one is solely multiplayer,
so they better have.
The total lack of a single-player campaign
means that they don’t really have a lot to lean on
if the multiplayer is buggy and bad.
Now, keeping in mind the beta was fairly limited
and held back by those problems
that they claim to have fixed,
it may not be a good representation of the game,
and “Battlefield” at its best is always fantastic, really.

It’s a great first person shooter,
usually known for good level design,
and some of the ideas sound like interesting modes
in terms of styles of competition.
Interestingly enough, the next gen stuff,

PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S,
they’ll support 128 player games,
while the PS4 and Xbox One versions
are only going to support 64 players at once,
as if that’s a small amount of players,
and “Battlefield 2042” is coming to all of those platforms
on November 19.

Forza Horizon 5

At number two is “Forza Horizon 5.”
Obviously, “Forza Horizon” is kind of your arcadey cousin
to “Forza,” and in terms of which I prefer,
I am a “Horizon” person.
I much prefer the slightly arcadey racing.

However, this is by far the best looking
of any “Forza” game ever.
It’s set in a fictionalized representation of Mexico,
has a new weather system where you can see storms coming,
there’s multiple climates,
multiple seasons, multiple biomes.

There’s also this mini arcade mode they’ve added,
where they have these minigames that you can find
all around the map.
It sounds like a lot of fun in terms of a multiplayer thing,
and on top of what we already normally expect
from a “Forza Horizon” game,

should be interesting diversions.
Obviously, it is exclusive to the Xboxes and Windows.

“Forza Horizon 5” is landing on November 9th.

Grand Theft Auto

And finally at number one,
probably one of the biggest releases of the year,
the “Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy Definitive Edition.”
We’ve already talked a lot about this.

We did a video about the differences
between the original games and these versions,
and we’re all pretty excited for it
to be able to go back through “Grand Theft Auto III,”

“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”

and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” with better graphics
without losing the look and feel of the originals,
while also modernizing the controls
so that they play more like the contemporary

“Grand Theft Auto” games.
I think it sounds like the best of all worlds combined
into one package,
and it’s coming out on pretty much everything.

“Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition”
is coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes,
Nintendo Switch, and PC, digitally November 11th,
and then on different dates for physical releases
and on mobile, which will come next year.
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