Top 10 Android Games Of December 2021

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Whatoplay presents 15 of the best Android titles  from the first half of 2021. All arranged by   playscores. To check out our full list, visit  our page on all best Android games of 2021.

Golf Impact

15. Golf Impact – World Tour It’s no PGA Tour, nor Super Mario Golf,   but it’s still a great substitute if you don’t  have the consoles for them. Golf Impact is   pretty much like your average golf game, but  its gimmick lies in the mobile limitations.   Enjoy simple golf courses at the palm of your  hand. It even has PvP so you could go one on one   with a friend in competitive challenges.  This game receives a playscore of 8.14


Cookie Run

14. Cookie Run – Kingdom Fresh out of the oven is an   unlikely fantasy tale about sentient cookies.  Governing a kingdom ruled by these sweet and   savory desserts is layered with the savory  goodness of these bite-sized creatures.   Assemble the best cookie team and engage in cute  but epic RPG-style battles using your hardened   troops. There are a ton of collectibles here  and secrets to uncover. A playscore of 8.15.

Dungeon Of The Endless: Apogee one

13. Dungeon Of The Endless: Apogee One of Steam’s highly-rated titles   makes its way to Android devices. A roguelike  game where you protect your ship’s generator   from invading extraterrestrial threats.  After being sent to this hostile planet,   lead a band of hardened characters in an  effort to survive the harsh environment.   Fortify your defenses against a slew of randomly  generated challenges. Take advantage of the   endless cycle to mix and match your power-ups  and technology. It receives a playscore of 8.18.

SaGa Frontier Remastered

12. SaGa Frontier Remastered A beloved JRPG classic straight from   the vaults of 1998. This Square Enix title was  the reason why Octopath Traveler even existed.   SaGa Frontier takes players into a gorgeous  fantasy world where they control eight playable   characters with their own set of stories to  tell. This Remastered version enhances the game’s   visuals, sound and even added a new playable  character. It receives a playscore of 8.18.

Slay The Spire

11. Slay The Spire The most popular and   quite possibly the highest-rated roguelike deck  builder on the market. Slay the Spire’s endless   grind and replay value can net you hours and  hours of climbing an ever-changing magical tower.   Now that it’s out on Android, the heavyweight  content is perfect at the palm of your hands.   Racking up over 50 hours with your smartphone  will be no big deal. A playscore of 8.22.

Astracraft NetEase’s

10. Astracraft NetEase’s mecha-based battle   royale lets you gear up your metallic monster and  let him tear apart enemies in a massive arena. The   game has a lot of options for you to consider,  especially in its customization. Equip them   with the best firepower, but be mindful of the  game’s aggressive microtransactions. Once you’re   done beefing up your mechanical avatar, you can  climb the ranks in no time. A playscore of 8.22.


9. SMASH LEGENDS It’s a top-down 3 versus 3   MOBA where you control various characters, each  with their unique abilities. There’s fun here,   but only if you can get past  its unbalanced matchmaking.   While the game is out for quite some time,  there are still numerous issues plaguing it,   including pay-to-win mechanics like game-changing  microtransactions. The gameplay is by far its   best feature. You can always try it out  since it received a playscore of 8.37.

Rickle – Classic Block Surfer 2021

8. Rickle – Classic Block Surfer 2021 Compared to the other games on this list,   this is by far the most simple and takes little  effort to enjoy. Your goal is to basically stack   up as many stone plates until it falls apart.  Turn into a towering wonder and break your record   after every attempt. There’s nothing too complex  here. It’s the ideal game when you want to waste   a few mins, or when you’re really bored and want  something oddly therapeutic. A playscore of 8.41.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

7. The Walking Dead: Survivors  Anyone who still watches the Walking Dead  in 2021 might find something to enjoy in   this survival simulator. If you love management  games like Clash of Clans or Fallout Shelter,   Survivors will be easy enough with its familiar  mechanics. It’s set in Robert Kirkman’s world   but you’ll be playing as everyday people instead  of the main stars from the show. Gather enough   resources and let your civilization thrive  amidst the Walker threat. A playscore of 8.42.

Unruly Heroes

6. Unruly Heroes The myth of the mischievous monkey   king is now available on Android. Ancient China’s  fate is up to four heroes to turn back the tide.   In this adventure, Sanzang, Wukong, Kihong,  and Sandmonk travel to fantastical lands to   gather scroll pieces and fight evil.  It immerses you in 16th century China   with their visuals and encourages a spirit of  competition with their local and online PvP.   Master the strengths of each unique  hero and test your reflexes across a   multitude of challenging enemies  and bosses. A playscore of 8.42.

Catopia: Rush

5. Catopia: Rush  It’s time for some feline fun in this  adorable cat-action RPG from Supercolony.   Catopia is all about keeping it simple.  Controlling your hero is easy-peasy.   With your fingertips, you can unleash a barrage of  magical powers with ease. Your goal is to survive   and slay as many monsters inside dungeons. In  addition to its colorful campaign, a city-building   mode can let players manage their own Feline City  via idle gameplay. You don’t have to do anything,   just let it gather materials and watch it  grow while you’re away! A playscore of 8.43.


4. Huntdown  Anyone familiar with Contra or Metal Slug will  find Huntdown’s aesthetic and gameplay delightful.   Help these badass bounty hunters secure  the bag in this sprawling cyberpunk city.   It’s like a time machine on Android devices.  This side-scrolling retro shooter really takes   us back to the good ol’ days of 80s gaming.  Huntdown takes pride in its inspirations from   the games that came before and adds its own  unique and modern twist. A playscore of 8.44.

Doctor WhoThe Lonely Assassins

3. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins From the creators of Sara Is Missing and   SIMULACRA comes an interactive fiction where you  revisit Doctor Who’s terrifying Weeping Angels.   Use your smartphone to unlock the  mysteries of Western Drumlins.   Solve a myriad of puzzles all while being  haunted by these petrifying threats.   Use your phone to search for various clues  hidden in videos, images, and more. It’s   an original Doctor Who story, so anyone can play  it without being a Whovian. A playscore of 8.52.

Queen: Rock Tour

2. Queen: Rock Tour – The Official Rhythm Game  A game that needs no introduction. You already  know what it’s all about by simply reading   the title. UK’s beloved rock legends have  their own rhythm game for Android devices.   Vibe to the tunes of their greatest hits like  “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and more.   You can even unlock behind-the-scenes content and  some Queen trivia! Master different instruments   for each song and tap the tiles to become the  ultimate music legend. A playscore of 8.57.

Baba Is You

1. Baba Is You This award-winning indie title   from Hempuli Oy has graced Android devices with  its satisfying brain-teasers. Take command of how   every level works by making your own rules on  how to manipulate the mysterious blocks. Every   new level presents new and unique interactions,  creating a fresh experience for every playthrough.   With over 200 levels, it’s almost an emergent  experience every time as mechanics keep evolving   in different ways. But what you see isn’t exactly  easy. While it lures us with its cutesy art style,   it’s pretty hard and it requires a lot  of trial-and-error. A playscore of 8.81.

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