Terraria games review android 2021 December

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Even 7 years later this two-dimensional survival game still piques my interest.

I have already spent hundreds of hours mining, building, gearing, fighting massive bosses


and I could easily spend hundreds more due to the thriving modding community.

Even though actual developer game updates are sparse, they do still continue working

on new features and fixes, as well as porting and providing updates to console and mobile

versions of the game.

Although some believe Terraria derives some inspiration from Minecraft, it is important

to distinguish the major differences.

These differences very much so separate Terraria as its own genre-defining experience.


Terraria has a large focus on gear and boss progression.

In the beginning this progression is very basic and mostly boils down to digging enough

to find ores to make the next tier pickaxe.

Later on progression becomes much deeper with a wide selection of options.

You can focus on magic, melee, ranged, summons, and you can take advantage of all sorts of

special effects like invisibility or even flight.

There are certainly some items that are not quite as useful as others, but there is such

a massive amount of different items to choose from that you will certainly be able to create

a character that plays exactly the way you want.

If you’re feeling a gap in your build, or you’ve just played through vanilla Terraria

too many times already, it’s very easy to find a massive amount more variety in items

through the game’s modding system.

The other important and incredibly fun part of progression in Terraria is the boss fights.

You will often advance through the bosses in order alongside your gear progression.

Some gear are found, or crafted from exploring the world, however bosses are usually a more

important milestone for your equipment.

Bosses often drop key components or fully functioning items that generally prove to

be much more powerful than anything you’d be using before it.

Because of this, many bosses are much more easily defeated using loot obtained from previous

boss encounters.

I quite enjoy the sandbox nature of the game, however it certainly comes with a fairly annoying


There isn’t really a clear way to figure out how to do certain things ingame.

And when these “hidden” things are required for progressing it can get frustrating.

This frustration can be easily remedied by visiting the game’s community wiki.

It covers pretty much anything you could want to know about the game, and the playerbase

is very good at keeping it up to date.

If browsing the wiki isn’t appealing to you, there are several mods out there that

make for a good replacement.

I would highly recommend checking out “Boss Checklist” for giving you a quick and clear

list for keeping track of what bosses you’ve defeated and which you should fight next.

Gameplay You play in randomly generated worlds of limited

size with varying features, but you are encouraged to bring your character across multiple different

worlds throughout progression.

You have options for character customization but it is quite limited as your character

is just a small 2D sprite.

While you are exploring your world you will be fighting off hordes of monsters, bosses,

gathering loot, and building homes for yourself and your friendly NPCs.

The vanilla experience easily gives hundreds of hours of play, but if you take it a step

further and bring friends or find some fun mods, you will easily bring on hundreds more

hours of enjoyment.

User Interface / Controls The UI is still largely the same as it’s

been for many years, but it gets the job done.

It’s very clear, very familiar if you’ve played Minecraft, but still easy to learn

and get used to if not.

There are a good amount of choices for customizing quality of life options which is appreciated.

Default controls work just fine for me playing on Mouse and Keyboard, and it has good controller

support as well.

All controls can be easily rebinded for either control scheme.

Graphics As it’s a 2D pixel-art game I can’t speak

much to the impressiveness of the graphical fidelity, however I can say that the game

runs well even when there are many monsters and particles on the screen at the same time.

And even though the art style is somewhat basic, they have done a good job of creating

their own unique aesthetic with the theme of their monsters and bosses.

I believe the majority of people would easily be able to recognize a sprite from this game,

even long after they’d stopped playing it.

Also to be noted, there are plenty of graphical options to customize how your game looks or

help it run better.

Audio Overall quality of the audio is good, I wish

there were a bit more options for tuning volumes or being able to mute certain things, but

overall it’s not a big deal.

The sound effects aren’t particularly amazing and some of them can get a big jarring such

as when you’re constantly firing a laser pistol and hearing constant “pew-pew-pewing”

in your ears.

I usually turn the effects down a bit and just enjoy the incredible music in the game


Terraria’s OST is certainly one of my favorites, and I’d recommend giving it a listen even

if you don’t play the game.

Modding Modding to some people tends to scare them

away and think they’re going to get banned or break their game, but often that’s not

even a risk.

Modding in Terarria is allowed and it is very easy!

There’s a plugin called “Terraria Mod Loader” that allows for very simple browsing

and adding of mods to your game.

I would highly recommend looking into this after you’ve played through vanilla Terraria

a couple times.

There is a massive amount of mods out there for this game, and there are still more being

made and improved right now.

Final Thoughts Terraria truly is a genre-defining game in

my eyes, I believe it had help growing to fame riding on Minecraft’s popularity wave,

but it stands strong being one of the games that many others that have come after it have

pulled inspiration from.

Terraria is a 2D survival game, that combines gear progression, survival, fast paced boss

fights, leisurely building, and many other activities that come together for a unique

experience that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

For the price, I have absolutely every reason to recommend this game to anyone that might

be even remotely interested.

I know that even years from now I will still continue to come back and spend hundreds hours

more in this wonderful game.

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