Review of Far Cry 6. It would be better not to play

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The first of this fall’s highly anticipated games, Far Cry 6, has been released.

Some important changes have appeared in it, but not everything is as rosy as it might seem. Ubisoft has succeeded in some aspects, but decided to leave the base the same.

Is this good and what happened in the end – we figure it out.

The open world has grown enormously. Did it make it more boring?

In the sixth numbered part, the developers take us to the local analogue of Cuba – Yara Island. Local dictator Antonio Castillo was able to develop a cure for cancer. This would seem to be a good achievement. However, its production requires the slave labor of the inhabitants of the island.

But not everyone is happy with this. Someone is trying to resist the dictatorship, and someone, like our main character (or heroine), is trying to simply get out of the island. But even here everything is not so rosy. The boat with the fugitives is being caught. Among those who want to leave the island, only the main character survived, who was thrown onto the island.

Local rebels are ready to help with the departure, but in return they ask for help with the revolution. The whole plot is built on this.

The main problem with the plot is precisely the villain. Usually in Far Cry they are charismatic and memorable with something special, but this time we got the classic dictator. Really evil, but there is no reason for that. This is an absolutely caricatured character.

And even the fact that his role was played by the excellent actor Giancarlo Esposito does not change the matter. He played exactly as he should. The rest was up to the scriptwriters.


For more immersion, the authors decided to expand the space. With the size of the map, the number of details has also increased.

The playing space itself has increased , according to the sensations, 3 times in comparison with Far Cry 5. It is very much felt, every kilometer of the world traveled runs in 5 minutes.

Ubisoft knows how to make living open worlds, there is always something to do. There are enough activities: you can hunt, catch fish, capture outposts, checkpoints, destroy anti-aircraft guns, and so on. However, we have already seen this many times, the studio has not brought anything new.

Progress in the plot is already on proven tracks. To get to the villain, you first need to deal with his minions and capture their territory.

Quests also migrated from the previous parts: help someone, kill someone, steal something, blow up, and so on. New: you need to burn plantations and collect depleted uranium. The latter is required to purchase a Resolver weapon.

It is very different from the usual, both externally and in function. For example, there is a cannon that shoots fireworks , or a flamethrower.

Of course, the main gameplay consists of capturing territories. They increase the influence and level of the character. The enemies also have levels. Moreover, with the growth of your level, it also rises for opponents. They can withstand more damage and are more resilient.

It looks like receiving assignments

At the same time, the main character can approach the tasks in different ways. He can carry a grappling hook, a parachute and three main weapons. “Cat” is useful and allows you to get into hard-to-reach and most unexpected places.

Weapons can be pumped : add body kits, change the type of cartridges, hang various sights, and so on. You can even hang up some kind of keychains to enhance the look. The same applies to the character’s clothing. It provides various types of protection, not only against weapons, but also against chemicals that are harmful to health.

There is also a lot of transport. Heroes are available cars and trucks, tractors, airplanes, sidecars, helicopters, boats, tanks and even horses. The control of the latter is not very convenient, the horse now and then strives to get stuck somewhere.

In camp, the view switches to third person

Also, the developers allowed you to call your own transport with a machine gun on the roof and upgradeable armor. In this game, it seems that everything can be downloaded and upgraded.

Even construction appeared in camps: you can put up different shops to sell certain items, exchange one for another. True, it doesn’t make much sense. Personally, I forgot about this possibility almost immediately.

There are also partners in the game. They are animals such as a crocodile and a dog. They help in battles with opponents. This is not a novelty, this has been the case before.

One of the important innovations is that now the weapon can be hidden in a holster. And the developers strongly recommend doing this so that the NPCs around you do not get nervous, and the Castillo soldiers do not start shooting.

The graphics are high, but that’s where the pros end

The game has a lot of features and mechanics. However, I don’t want to use them at all. It gets boring enough to play alone after about 5-10 hours. And to complete it you will need at least 30.

It’s more fun to play co-op with friends. Thus, the degree of fun automatically increases, various activities become more cheerful and interesting.

Outwardly, the game slightly jumped forward after the fifth part. But some things have really improved a lot. For example, water looks more natural, animations are more lively, and nature looks fantastic .

You want to enjoy the species all the time, the world immerses you in the local atmosphere and fauna. Still, Ubisoft knows how to make open worlds alive. But with what to do with the player, there are problems.

The game itself has generally turned into a kind of survival simulator , because for a normal passage, you constantly need to look for resources. It’s good at least that they are scattered everywhere.

True, I don’t really want to rummage through the next pile of garbage. It takes too much time.

Take it or miss it?

Far Cry 6 has become the next numbered part, in which there are no significant changes. If you liked the last part, then this one will come.

However, the local world is not so interesting to be here for many, many hours. On the one hand, there are plenty of activities, on the other hand, I don’t want to do them at all.

As a result, it turned out just another Far Cry, in which the world and the plot have technically changed. The rest is all old.

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