How To Get Nitro In Discord App (Easy Ways)

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Discord Nitro

Today i’m going to show you guys my top five ways to get discord nitro for free legitimately

This means we’re not going to be delving into any scams any generators and snipers which by the way are totally fake

There’s hundreds upon hundreds of these videos on youtube

Dont not follow them because in this video i’m going to show you guys legitimate real ways. That won’t get you banned by discord

So let’s hop right in

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Let’s head straight into technique number five, which is discord irl conventions

Irl standing for in real life now discord is a very fun loving company and because of this

They tend to go to a lot of conventions gaming events and other things in the community now, here’s a little site over here called

discord.pax community

And over here discord has an archive of all of the amazing conventions that they’ve hosted

And went to in the past years

So as you guys can see there are some cool badges that they’re featuring on their website right here

But in addition discord has actually shown some of their merch that they give under this merch category

So discord is known for often allowing people to come to their booths during some of these events

And pick up either some free merch or potentially show your partner badge or your hype squad badge to get some specific

Pins and other cool badges so attending discord events

especially pax east is a great way to have a lot of fun in the community and

potentially even score yourself a discord nitro

for example in the past four members of discord hype squad online you could actually

Go up to a discord booth and they would have a limited

Time where you could actually go to them

And show them your hype squad badge and they would give you a discord nitro or some cool pin

so this type of thing is really cool to attend conventions and get some cool merch

Along with some cool gear and potentially have the chance to get a free discord nitro

If you’re like me, you may not have been able to attend in real life discord events


I have good news for you discord actually has online conventions and online events that they host pretty frequently

During discord hack week 2019 members across the community would submit various things such as bots creative fan art

merch emojis

stories and even songs and raps because of this discord hack week became one of the coolest programs that i’ve ever

experienced on discord in addition the winners of each of these categories received free discord nitro

Along with I believe some discord merch

This was an amazing time for everybody in the discord community to get creative and potentially earn some free discord nitro

back near the end of 2018 discord hosted snow’s giving which is their annual event where they essentially celebrate the season

And they give out various prizes including merch and a discord limited server

So for example discord snow’s giving back in 2018

Had a special surprise for hype squad members back then hype squad online was the program where you actually had to apply

So it wasn’t just that thing that you get for being a hype squad member and applying like this

You actually had to get accepted in their coveted program

So as a part of hype squad, I had actually received a one month nitro gift

But the catch with this was that you had to give the discord nitro gift

To somebody else I ended up giving it to one of my friends

But the cool thing about this was that a lot of people ended up giving each other discord nitro gifts that way

A lot of hype squad members ended up getting some discord nitro for themselves

The final part of this section is discord’s twitch account

So on discord’s birthday this year earlier in august, I believe discord turned five and they hosted a long live stream

Where they essentially had a moving cake and as you can see every five minutes there would be a counter

And on the side of the screen a discord nitro code would appear

This was really cool. And I think it was amazing

That discord was giving back to the community and celebrating their fifth birthday as you can see here

There was a code that would pop up

And if you type this in into a gift you would be able to redeem this for a free month of discord nitro

Let’s get into the third technique of this video which is events and giveaways

So you may be thinking that you already know what i’m about to talk about but trust me you’re going to want to stick around

Because events and giveaways are a lot more complicated than you think

They might be for example in many servers giveaways are often posted using this bot called giveaway bot as you can see

After reacting with a tada emoji i’m entered into the contest and I can potentially win


Because of this a lot of discord servers will actually end up rigging these competitions

And making it so that they cancel earlier sorts and end up making the winners themselves because of this

Discord servers should not always be trusted

You should only trust a server if the prize is openly given and if there’s proof of the prize

This is why I personally like to care more about events

Events are less luck based and you can often get away by just using your strategy and skill in order to earn discord nitro

For example my own personal server

Which you should definitely join by the way discord dot io slash rj hosts frequent events and over here

We sometimes give away free discord nitro

So my discord.i o slash rjane is one of the best servers to participate in events


however, we do actually have another server and this is meant for video creators if you’re an artist graphic designer or


Video editor this is the server for you


You’re going to want to check out the youtube cafe because we host a ton of events here


Sponsored by awesome people in the community like these people right here, and essentially we often give out discord nitro


for example


We recently had a contest and basically people had to draw some form of art any art they could draw really just anything


and as you can see


We had some event winners and all of these people earned a lot of discord nitro for example nitro nitro


nitro nitro nitro


So as you guys can see there was a ton of nitros given out and you guys can participate in these really easily


Just head over to discord gg


Youtube to join the youtube cafe. Let’s get into one of the coolest parts secret number four


Which is about commissions and collaborations on discord


There’s a bunch of creator servers out there such as my own discord gg youtube


And as you guys can see over here, we actually have a collab and services channel


This is meant for video creators. And as you guys can see we have 12 000 of such people


They can offer their services right here and video creators can hire them


So as you guys can see there’s some free services advertised


But there’s a lot of people who are using their professional work to make money and often what you guys will notice is people here


End up claiming nitro for their hard work and effort one such example of this is a creator and our server news frips


News has been a long time member of the youtube cafe and has been offering his services for quite a while


And what I can tell you is news has made a lot of money from the server offering his services in this channel


Let’s now get into number five discord partnership now discord partnership is a very interesting program


As all the owners of the servers who are partnered


End up getting a lifetime of nitro as long as they stay in the discord partnership program


As you can see my server over here rj’s cafe is now a community


So once we select the community tab over here, we can actually head into server insights and upon going to server insights


You guys will see a little tab on the left side over here for you guys


You might be able to see the partner program tab and right here. You guys can see if your server passes the partnership requirements


My server passed this requirement the last week. I also have another discord server, which i’d like to show you guys and over here


We’ve passed the partnership requirement for at least eight weeks


So we’re eligible to apply and we’ll be applying to get discord partnership in the next few weeks


Discord partnership is planning to open up by the end of this summer


So you can expect that it opens in late august of this year now


There’s a few important factors that you need to meet in order to apply for discord partnership


First off you have to have an average number of communicators of at least 50


As you guys can see in my server we have around 1 400 communicators. So we easily meet that requirement


In addition, we have to have an average of at least 100 visitors per week. My server reaches that requirement with 2754


And finally we have to have a one week retention of over 20 percent


This is a point of high confusion for many users as they’re confused as to what retention refers to retention is


Essentially how many users stuck around in your server after one week?


As you guys can see for my server. We have roughly 20 to 60 to 20 to 26 percent


in addition for partner requirements discord make sure not to include growth or


In addition for the partnership requirements discord make sure not to include raids and users who will just leave servers


Because that could hurt your attention negatively with that


Those are my top 5 techniques on how you can earn discord nitro for free legitimately


If this ended up helping you make sure to subscribe to my channel


In addition if you want updates on all the coolest tricks on discord, make sure to visit my own server


It’s discord dot io slash rj with that. I will see you guys in the next video



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