How To Fix Lag Problem In Pubg New State.Optimise Your Pubg New State

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so hello friends i have come with another new articles so i am here a new thing problem problem

It’s not getting optimized sometimes it goes to CHROME sometimes it’s not mine

And tow logout, there are many problems but in this I will talk only for OPTIMIZATION.

So whatever process I tell you, follow them and maybe your game will be optimized.

If the game becomes novel here, then this is the Gopal ji news state, due to which the problem is too much for us.

If this is happening then follow the process which I am telling, maybe friends video before getting prostate

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First you have to go to the setting of your mobile and go to about phone here, after going to about phone I have to

After that you have to turn on the developer option, for that search on the build number valve number and type that 3 or 4 times

Yes, I am open, so I cannot open again, so I have told the process to tell you.

After that you have to go back and here is the developer option, you have to search that place.

But tell the settings that you have to follow, then first of all I come here in the deliver, after that

That you will get an option here, you have to do a bit of this SCROLL game graphics related will be its name

Come it down, come down a little bit and search here Graphics Driver Preferences

Instead of selecting your PUBG NEW STATE, after that remove it from default on the system graphic driver.

Have to do it and then come back then scroll down a little scroll down then the FORCE 4X MSAA option will come

Have to click on it, after clicking on it, this official pubg new state has said, do it

And then it is but the standard limit will come, do it, you almost 1 should be up to you then you should do the next

The option to search is hardware acceleration, by clicking on it, the net of your phone will be

This is it, it will optimize a little more and the net will run well in which it will help you a lot to optimize the game.

Help will be available and here you are REALME USER, so after coming here, there will be game space, every phone

Let me come here that you have to set your settings because the game with very high graphics

So there is a lot of problem here, I have kept it on high and there is no need to do anything else.

Finally want to do so your game should start and go to auto once

You must have restarted the phone, seen any setting, you have to make a setting here and after coming to the option of Private DNS, you have to do this search, after coming in DNS, you will have to do this here.

Modify has to be written GOOGLE.DNS remains after doing this true you have no problem if then

Even if you had any problem, brother, you have to wait, something can be done only after their new update.

That if after doing this to you, as far as you will be solved, if it is not, then its

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