Bloons TD 6 Review December 2021

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Bloons TD 6

Sometimes casual games are more enjoyable than super complicated ones. Don’t get me wrong.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is without a doubt, one of the best games ever made, but super long dragging cut scenes, long traversal times across the map, and complex gameplay and decision-making is a bit too exhausting for me.
Sometimes I want to turn off my smooth brain, and do something mindless just to pass the time, and take a break from making a video or something. Speaking of which, I need a break, I’ll be right back. Now that I took a little break, I gotta say that Bloons Tower Defense is a sick-ass game


I remember hopping onto Cool Math Games in middle school, and sneakily playing the third game in the series when the teacher wasn’t looking. Back in the day, Bloons was a browser-based game, and it was something pretty chill to hop on and play when you were bored, and wanted to waste some time. These browser games were epic back then with stuff like Bowman, Fireboy and Watergirl, and Bloons absolutely dominating my online experience. They were the first real games that I played before I got into more serious gaming on PC and Xbox 360.


Well pretty much all of those other games have fallen off due to technology changing, and Flash games no longer being popular. The people who made Bloons have successfully adapted to the times, and have made something that still holds up, even today. They’ve continued making these cheesy little games where monkey shoot darts, and try to pop balloons, and Bloons Tower Defense 6 is their best one ever.


As you know, based on my previous content, I usually spend time analyzing complex multi-level games like Portal 2 or Factorio. But like I said earlier, sometimes it’s better to take a step back, and chill out and do something a bit more casual. And since nothing is quite as casual as Bloons Tower Defense 6, I’m gonna spend some time reviewing it, and talking about why it’s one of the best games on Steam, even with its cheap price point, and simplistic gameplay.


We’re gonna talk about why Bloons Tower Defense 6 is so awesome. Bloons Tower Defense began back in August of 2007 as a free-to-play Flash game. The concept was strange, but quite simple.


It was a tower defense game where you and your team of athletic murder monkeys fired darts at incoming colored balloons in order to pop them before they got past your defenses. You had a set number of lives, and you earned money from popping these balloons, which you could use to buy more monkeys, and upgrade your existing ones.


It was a simple, fun, little concept, and it very well could have ended there, but the company behind the game, Ninja Kiwi wanted more. So they released Bloons Tower Defense 2 later that year and three in 2008. From here, they expanded their empire to include an iOS version of the third game. Then they made a fourth, another app and then a fifth, and so on and so forth.


They made a lot of their money from the apps, and the Flash games eventually transitioned to full release games that could be bought for a reasonable price, just as flash games finally died out. It was a good transition.

But nothing tops the release of Bloons Tower Defense 6, the latest game in their tower defense series. This little game came out on Steam in 2018, and it currently sits as the 20th highest reviewed game on the entire platform. So why is it so good? Well, the first thing that makes Bloons Tower Defense so good is the depth of the gameplay. You may see these stupid little monkeys, and stupid little balloons, and you feel like you’re playing a game made for five-year-olds.

And while any outsider may be convinced, the Bloons gameplay is 9,000 IQ, Stephen Hawking level stuff. There are over 57 maps ranging from beginner difficulty all the way up to expert.


The beginner maps are pretty easy with long paths, and lots of space for towers and defenses. But the expert maps are rough, and usually when you play them, you’re gonna be struggling. The differences in difficulty can be scaled up even further when you take the difficulty settings themselves. Number of balloons that come through, and how far you have to make it in order to beat a map changes when you pick the gameplay difficulty.


So you can make a beginner map at tad bit harder by playing it on hard mode, or you can make an expert map pretty much impossible by playing it on harder difficulty. These expert maps in particular are an absolute pain in the ass because instead of a predictable long path, most of them have special features that changes up the gameplay like changing paths or random routes.


Each map offers something entirely different, and it keeps you playing, and attempting new challenges. But the variety of the gameplay changes even further when you look at the different monkeys that you can play with. There are 22 different ones, and each one has an entirely different ability, and upgrade path.


There are simple dart throwers, exploding things, super monkeys, and all types of other shit that can allow you to attempt each map in an entirely different way. Then the upgrades in each of these 22 monkeys realistically allows for hundreds or even thousands of unique combinations and play styles. I mean, I’m bad at math, but there’s a lot.

Like I said, this game has a lot of depth in it, and the variety in monkeys, difficulties, and maps makes for a cool experience. Before we go any further, I want to take a minute to thank the sponsor of today’s video Ridge.

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Thanks again to Ridge for sponsoring this video. (upbeat instrumental music) This alone would make for a really good game, but the people at Ninja Kiwi took it 20 steps further, and really fleshed out all of the systems in Bloons Tower Defense 6.

The upgrades that I mentioned earlier are cool, but you also have to strategize in order to unlock all of them. As your monkeys pop more and more balloons, you earn XP, and you can use that XP that a monkey gains in order to unlock more, and more of the new upgrades.


Then you have to take the money that you earn from the pops to actually purchase those upgrades. These upgrades are pretty damn unique too. And I give mad props to the developers for thinking of such a unique concept. The devs could have very well gone the lazy route, and just added more damage or faster shooting as upgrade options. But that would have been kind of lame, and it would have caused balloons to have a lot less charm.

Instead, there are cool things like a necromancer upgrade for the wizard monkey or a literal energy absorbing sun beam of death for the super monkey. Getting further into each play session, and seeing the crazy effects, and power of the upgrades that you choose is a very rewarding process, and it actually makes you wanna keep playing the game as you unlock more things.

Sometimes it’s more of a social experiment to see what all you can do once you get far into the game. And getting far as sometimes hard, but never impossible. Because on top of the different things that I’ve mentioned already, there are special powers that you can purchase to help you out. When you beat a level, you earn cash, which is different from the money that you have in the game itself.

The cash is something that you need to save up on in order to buy things like powers that I just mentioned. These powers in particular are super useful because you get things like storms that clear out the entire map. Money drops, it gives you some extra in-game money. Pools that allow you to place water towers on land and so much more.

These things are awesome, but there’s even more that you can use the cash on if you need to. One of the biggest changes in six, compared to the past games are heroes. Heroes are super powerful monkeys that you can buy with the money that you earned from beating levels, and each of them have special abilities that further changes your play style. I’m telling you, there are infinite ways to play this game, but these abilities include things like a bow and arrow, fire, hacking things, spawning and money, gaining extra lives, et cetera.

The heroes all have their unique advantages, and you can pick and choose which ones you want, and how you wanna play. I know I keep coming back to the whole play as you want thing, but it’s because of the versatility found in Bloons Tower Defense 6 is one of the biggest things that makes it so good.

I mean, there’s even a full skill tree for each type of monkey that allows you to add buffs, and perks in every game on top of the upgrades, and powers that you’re already purchasing. There are levels and levels of complexity with how the systems are designed in Bloons Tower Defense 6, and it creates a truly awesome experience. Now I could keep going on and on about the simple, but yet complex game play, but I think you get the gist. You can play the game infinitely, but what if I told you that you could do it with up to three friends at your side? Co-op is where Bloons Tower Defense 6 absolutely shines.

You ever get in one of those moods where you and the homies wanna play something, but you have absolutely no idea what sounds fun? An intense multiplayer game is too much stress, and a survival game requires too much time. So what do you do? You just never play games again? No baby.

You play Bloons Tower Defense 6. The one game that can always fill the void of not knowing what to play.

Playing this game in multiplayer with friends is always a great time because you can yell at everyone for making irresponsible financial decisions, and blame your friends every time you lose, even though it’s your own fault for investing in a banana empire, instead of defending the homestead.

The co-op mode is really cool because you and your friends share lives, and the maps get split up into segments, but you still have your own money, and you can allocate different things to different people. It takes something pretty casual that could be used to pass the time, and it turns it into a good multiplayer game that you actually want to go out of your way to play with friends, and it never gets old. And best of all, it’s only $10 at full price, and often goes on sale for less than five.

The price is pretty much perfect for what the game is. And honestly, the developers could have charged a lot more, but luckily for us and for them, they have other ways of monetizing the game with one of the most conservative monetization models that I’ve ever seen in a game like this. 

You can buy cash to purchase powers and heroes, unlock upgrades for your monkeys, or get random packs that give you things called insta-monkeys, all with real money. And while people usually frowned upon micro-transactions, Ninja Kiwi did a good job at keeping everything fair, and you can play the game pretty much the same way with or without buying things with real money.

Those are respectable business decision. And it’s another thing that makes this game so awesome. All in all, Bloons Tower Defense 6 is a great casual fun game that never gets old. It’s simple enough to play without thinking, but complex enough to keep you coming back for more.

If you haven’t played this game, I would 100% recommended it to anyone, and everyone, I encourage you to play it in the near future. Do you like Bloons Tower Defense as much as I do? Let me know in the comments, Make sure to like, and follow you enjoyed this video. I will see you guys next time and peace.

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