Alight Motion Update Review In January 2022

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Update 4.0 of Alight Motion comes with various new features and changes!

You can check out the Alight Motion tutorials for some new features, though they seem a bit confusing më

I will first show you the new features and effects, then I will show you how to use the

he first is that you can now change the settings of a project while you are in the project,

and we also have two new background colors: green and blue.

The project editing timer now exists!

It shows the amount of time you have spent on a project.

Second, we can now import multiple images at once by pressing “All” – “Multiple” and then selecting the images.

We can also choose the amount of time the layers will have when importing them and change the Layer Time.

Well, that reminds me!

We can also set the default duration of a layer from Alight Motion Settings.

Third, bookmarks are now added by clicking on “Chronology” and the place of the former bookmark is replaced by “Panel

view options The view options panel consists of “Pixel preview”, “Grid”, “Single layer view / reduced view”, “Active view of

Camera “,” Preview Panel “. & Zoom in.

You can go to ‘Home’, then tap on ‘Detailed Release Notes’ for Update 4.0 and you will

redirect to this page where you can find a brief explanation of the new features.


By default Pixel is basically what it would look like after its export?

A grid is just a Grid in which you can increase or decrease columns or rows.

Layer Solo lets you view only the selected layer while you’re editing it and

The Reduced Opacity view is just the layer that has 50% of the Initial Opacity it has.

Preview Pan & Zoom lets you zoom in or out on a project!

You can either tap on this + or -, or tap this icon and tap the screen.

Also, we have the new ‘Object’, where you can find Camera, Null & Empty Group.

The camera object is a bit tricky, but I’ll try to make it simple, so let’s make it easier

which will show you how to use these soon.

Object Null is an invisible layer that you can Paronize with other layers.

Like, make the little ducks or other layers follow the mother duck which is the Null layer.

An empty group is basically a group that has nothing in it.

You can now also change the Group Resolution and

add Dynamic Resolution that lets you transform Groups without disturbing the Groups!

We can also disable Group Re-time.

Which means you can now split or delete groups without interrupting the start of Groups

Also, Elements can now be converted to Groups.

You can add an item and then tap on “Item Features” to find “Modify Original Item” and “Convert to Group”.

How to become a parent?

It’s easy, first select a layer and then tap on ‘Parent Add-ons’

A list of all layers in Project will appear, select a layer to make it a parent or follow that layer.

Now if you move the parent layer, the child will move with it too.

What about the camera object?

There is a new feature called Z Coordinates or Z position.

Just tap Number Z to switch on it.

This creates a kind of 3D or 3D dimensional object.

This allows the layer to appear closer or farther!

To use Object Camera, I discovered that you need to use Z Position for it to work properly.

Add the main frames and move or just zoom in, then add a Camera Object.

Activate “Active Camera View” and quickly slide over the surrounding camera layer.

When you go to “Camera Options”, you can find the camera view, focus blur and fog.

Camera view controls viewing angle and zoom distance, focus blur adds blur in several layers

and fog.

A quick explanation is that Focus Blur blurs the layers in which the focus is ‘no’ or to help you focus on an object and Fog adds a layer of fog to the layers and makes it look like it is gone.

You can add Multiple Cameras, add effects, and also parent them.

AND COPY STYLES PASTE! how can i forget that ahh

Now you can copy the layers and style of that layer and paste it into other layers!

The best part is that you can choose what to climb.

The paste copy ease curve now allows you to paste the same relief on all major frames.

Auto-Shake, Random Jitter & Oscillate updated.

New effects are Raster Transform, Scale Assistant and Parenting Helper.

Names changed

The Image & Video button is now called Media.

The estimated remaining time to export a project is now available on iPad and iOS.

And the Audio Browser looks different now. Updated to fit design on iPad and iOS.


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