A new feature on Instagram that you will definitely love

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The fact that Instagram is one of the most popular mobile applications is pointless to deny. Every day hundreds of different users come here to upload their photos. At one time, I started using it so often that I decided to set a time limit. Among the many pluses of “Insta” had one significant drawback – focus on smartphones. Photos here can be uploaded exclusively from a smartphone. Even on some tablets, it works awkwardly, but now everything has changed.

Instagram is perhaps the most frequently updated social network lately. That IGTV, then Reels, then something else. It is simply impossible to keep track of the changes in Zuckerberg’s brainchild. No matter how you come here, there is a feeling that something new has appeared. The reason for this, I think, is only one: TikTok. The Chinese have achieved tremendous success. It seems simply impossible to compete with a site with short videos.


Recently, Instagram announced a large-scale update of the service. Finally, 11 years after the release, users will have the ability to publish posts from a computer. Until now, the service has been exclusively mobile.

Instagram is now available on PC as well.

Now you can publish your photos or videos from both mobile devices and desktop computers. Hearing this in 2021 is extremely strange. In my opinion, now everything is moving rather the other way around. Many users no longer buy laptops for themselves, but work exclusively from a phone or tablet.

We recently talked about one solution from Xiaomi , which is perfect for all occasions. Add a keyboard to this tablet, and there you go. In any case, we have what we have. Instagram is now on the computer.

How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer

It should be noted right away that in addition to photos, you can now upload videos here. The only limitation is the duration no more than one minute. This is very easy to do. You need:

    • Open Instagram.com in browser .
    • Click on the Plus icon in the upper right corner.
    • Drag the required file here or use the Select from computer button.

Drag an image here.

    • Next, choose filters, come up with a caption for the image.

Choose filters.

  • Ready.

In the options available in the desktop version, you can select several images at once, create a carousel, crop or enlarge a photo, apply filters. Also here you can specify a geolocation, come up with a caption for the post and turn off comments. In general, everything is the same as in the phone.

I do not approve of the new feature, because most smartphones cannot take pictures with a resolution that will look decent on a large screen.

To make sure that your judgment is correct, I recommend that you upload any photo to your computer and look at the quality. Leaves a lot to be desired, right? On the other hand, many smartphones have already learned to shoot at 4K 60 fps. Perhaps that is why nothing like this has appeared here for 11 year

As I’ve said more than once, Instagram is now more than just entertainment apps. Many people here earn money, promote their companies, organize various joint meetings.

Since October 19, the Collabs feature has appeared on the insta , which allows two users to publish joint posts or videos in Reels with shared comments and likes. It is clear that the second account you want to post with must give permission.

To create a collaborative Instagram post , you need to:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Swipe right, then click the publish button.
  • Select the image you are interested in.
  • Then click Next twice.
  • In the section where you add a caption to the photo, tap Mark people.
  • Then go to the item Invite a co-author.
  • Next, in the search, find the account of a friend or colleague and select it.
  • Then the second author must confirm their participation in the post or Reels.

This means that now any publications can be laid out in pairs. Who will be interested in this? First of all, for specialists in various fields. You can organize the post in the Q&A format or arrange everything in the form of a dialogue. Plus, Collabs offers great advertising opportunities. I think that soon we will already see all the new chips in business from famous bloggers.

Among other innovations, I would like to note the possibility of collecting funds for non-profit organizations and innovations in Reels. In the video feed, the company has added several new special effects and the ability to customize with 3D text.

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